Norbert Scholly

Jazzguitarist - Composer

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Projects as Leader / Co-Leader

Rainer Böhm / Norbert Scholly Duo

Norbert Scholly - Guitar / Composition
Rainer Böhm - Piano / Composition

Rainer Böhm Norbert Scholly Duo


On Tour:

09.Januar 2016 20h "Jazzclub Wittlich

04.März 2016 20h "Jazzclub Lörrach"

12.März 2016 21h "Jazzclub Villingen"

14.März 2016 20h "Jazzkongress" ,Freiburg

12.April 2016 20h "Altes Pfandhaus" ,Köln

25.Mai 2016 "Hildener Jazztage"

09.Juli 2016 20h "Jazzclub Singen"

17.August 2016 "Klaviersommer", Cochem

10.Sept 2016 18h "Burg Orsbach",Aachen

24.Sept 2016 20h "Salon Freiraum",Köln

07.Okt 2016 20h "Hemingway Lounge",Karlsruhe

11.Nov 2016 "Blue Jazznights Tegernsee"

15.Nov 2016 "Steinwayhaus",Frankfurt

26.Nov 2016 20h "Nadelfabrik",Aachen

27.April 2017 20h "Kino Gustavsburg",bei Mainz

21.Jun 2017 20h "Buchhandlung R2", Siegburg

23.Juni 2017 "Unterfahrt", München

24.Juni 2017 20h"Jazzclub Zoglau" BR Mitschnitt

30.Juni 2017 "Freiraum",Köln

12.Jan 2018 "Beethovenhaus"DLF Mitschnitt,Bonn

15.Juni 2018 "Freiraum",Köln

28.Juni 2018 21.30h "Sommernacht Jazz",Mainz

15.Jan 2019 21h "Ella+Luis" , Mannheim

03.Mai 2019 21h "Freiraum" , Köln

15.Juni 2019 20h 10.Koblenzer Jazznight-

18.September 2019 21h Stadtgarten -Köln

12.Oktober 2019 Aachen

13.Dezember 2020 Nadelfabrik Aachen

15.Januar 2021 Freiraum Köln

21.August 2021 Jazzfest Bonn 2021 Beethovenhaus

19.Dezember 2021 Nadelfabrik Aachen

08.April 2022 "JazzKeller" ,Biberach

04.August 2022 "King Georg" ,Köln

23.Oktober 2022 "Nadelfabrik" ,Aachen

06.Mai 2023 " Musikschule Lämmle",Kerpen-Sindorf

El Movimiento Del Gato Negro (Release 22th of March 2019)

El Movimiento Del Gato Negro (Release 22th of March 2019)


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"El Movimiento Del Gato Negro" is the second album of this dynamic duo. Here musical soul mates have found each other, who form a chamber orchestra with piano and acoustic guitar from two instruments. The joy of playing and the desire to improvise are the common passion of the award-winning musicians.



PRESSKIT-------- Audio:


On their Pirouet debut, “Juvenile”, guitarist Norbert Scholly and pianist Rainer Böhm meet up to create nine captivating dialogs, sparkling chamber music that swings, grooves and breaths with one breath.

out in GSA at 24th of April 2015, worldwide at 2nd June 2015


"The Cologne duo has been in existence for three years, and their CD debut is a treasure. A dialogical labsal." (Alexander Schmitz, jazz podium)

"In this country the two are among the best in their field... The dialogues of these virtuosos are very dense and intimate. (Ssirus W. Pakzad, Jazzthing)

"The music presented by the chamber music duo on their debut album is as artistic as it is complex. An intimate dialogue between two virtuosos with a common aesthetic of sound". (Harry Schmidt, Jazzthetik)

"With youthful freshness, they cultivate a buoyant intimate chamber music. They are both virtuosos who combine a pronounced joy for melody with clear articulation and subtle grooving rhythms. (Thomas Fitterling, Rondo)

"Rainer Böhm (piano) and Norbert Scholly (acoustic guitar) - two of Europe's top stars." (Jürg Sommer, Aargauer Zeitung)